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Earning money with wespin-s1 is as easy as pressing the spin button and start generating income, you can earn up to $500 daily depending on your account rank.

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Upgrade your account rank for more earnings.

wespin-s1 participants make money by spining the wespin-s1 wheel. Each time the wheel is spun you get allocated a cetain amount.

The amount you earn depends on your account rank, ranks are listed below from low to high value.

  • Starter(Free)
  • Bronze($20)
  • Silver($60)
  • Gold($180)
  • Platinum($540)
  • Diamond($1600)
  • Super Diamond($4800)
  • King($14000)

Rank Packages

Most Popular Rank Packages


Maximum Daily Earning Amount: $24


Maximum Daily Earning Amount: $72


Maximum Daily Earning Amount: $240


Maximum Daily Earning Amount: $960